Are you buying a second-hand car? Want to know more about the licence plate of the vehicle you are hoping to buy? It is always worth taking a close look into the history of your plate. Thankfully, running a vehicle check before you buy has never been easier.

Running a car registration check means more than just checking up on its history. You’ll be able to find out about the fuel used in a car, when the car was made and registered, and when its MOT is due. This information can be very useful when it comes to arranging sales as well as when you come to buy a car.

Not sure of your vehicle’s history? It’s worth giving your licence plate and vehicle a thorough check.

What Does a Car Reg Check Cover?

A full car registration check will let you know if your vehicle has any damage or theft history. That will include information on write-offs and scrappage, too. There will also be information available on any changes to the look and colour of your vehicle. What is also important to note is the report will tell you when car tax is next due on the vehicle.

A full licence plate check will also advise you on mileage, logbook data, VIC inspections and number registrations. Crucially, you will also find details on prior MOTs. If you are selling or buying a car, valuation details will also come in handy to you.

Want to know more about previous owners? The type of fuel your car uses? You will also receive a full breakdown on transmission type, the make and model of your car, doors and glazing. Any potential issues your car is likely to face in future, too, will be clear to see in your full report.

This information will also help you to understand the fuel economy and energy-efficiency of your car, too. There is only ever going to be so much information available from a salesperson. Therefore, a full report may help to give you extra confidence when buying.

Licence plate check:

Check a licence plate to find out more about the history of your vehicle. Need a stronger position in negotiating a sale? Find all the data you need from one quick check.

Calculate your road tax:

A full licence plate check will let you know how much road tax you are likely to pay on a vehicle. Our checks will advise you based on fuel economy, car weight, mileage and more.

Find out the value of your car:

Want to know how much your car is really worth? Take out a full licence plate check for precise data.

Theft history:

A car reg check will let you know if your new car has a history of theft – and when it was recovered.

Need a new registration certificate?:

A licence check will help you to set up a new registration certificate.

Request a Licence Plate Check

Why not find out more about car reg checks and how our comprehensive data will help you to make confident buying decisions? Click to check your plate for further details.

Great for Buying a Car: Buying a second-hand car? Learn more about the finer details salespeople might not know about. Find out where your car has been, and what is likely to impact it in future.

Get a Precise Valuation: When buying or selling a car, precise valuations are fundamental. How else will you know that you are getting a good deal? A full report will tell you exactly what to expect from pricing.

What’s in Store for Your Car?: A car registration check will inform you of any potential issues your car is likely to face in future. MOT histories, for example, will help you to prepare.

Pricing Up the Running: It’s also important to get an idea of what to expect from the costs of running your car. How efficient is your vehicle? Is the fuel expensive, or is it likely to be affordable to run and repair?

Vehicle Check Services Are Great for Sellers, Too

Getting a car reg check will also put car dealers and sellers in the driving seat, too, so to speak. That is because you’ll be able to share in-depth information with buyers. In all lines of car sales, honesty is the best policy. Just as you might take out a survey on a home you want to sell, always run a car background check. This is information which you can do well to find out more about in case a potential buyer runs checks on their own.


Locate Official Documents

A full vehicle check is also a great way to obtain crucial documents. For example, you may wish to run a car reg check to obtain a new registration certificate. You may also need to learn more about the car’s logbook, or its SORN status, which will let you know if it has been off-road. There are many documents you will always need to hand when driving a car – and we will help you locate them.

Further Advantages to a Full Licence Plate Check

A full car registration check will offer you more in-depth, precise data than a free consultation via DVLA. With a complete vehicle licence check, you’ll build greater confidence in your buying decisions. It is a fantastic way to ensure you feel more secure about any deals you enter into. Here are a few more benefits to consider:


It’s crucial you know how much damage if any, your car has been through. This data will let you know what to expect from your car in future, on top of any potential costs. You may also wish to check the car over with expert mechanics.


It might not seem important to know how many people have driven your car. However, mileage can impact the future running and stability of your vehicle! Receive full owner histories to learn more.


All cars will have a history to them. Therefore, instead of buying blindly, it makes sense to be clear on all the facts. Don’t just accept what a salesperson tells you!

Learning about your car’s history is an essential part of making a purchase. Unfortunately, a history of damage and changes in ownership can impact future costs and how well it performs. Give yourself some added security and take out a full licence plate check before you buy!